We Evercredit Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in the year 1991, more than 20 years experience focused on the high and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment import sales agent, adhere to the company "quality first, price reasonable" operating principles, sustainable development in Europe, America and Japan, South Korea countries such as high-quality transmission and distribution products, continue to deeply rooted in the hard work of the electrical equipment industry in Taiwan, has become an important one of the leading agents in the transmission and distribution equipment in Taiwan.

Since the company reorganized in 2007 under the leadership of chairman Lee, EEC continued forward to become a more professional agents, to provide complete and full range of original products in a rapidly changing industry environment and internet more developed the trend of the times, establishment of the EEC's new competitive advantage.

Company Name:Evercredit Enterprise co,. Ltd.
Capital:NTD 70 million
Chairman:Chung-Yee Lee
Employees:25 people

Power Systems High/Low voltage (110V ~ 36KV) Transmission and distribution equipment,Related products import and export business. Main products:DS、LBS、VCB、GCB、VCS、CT、PT、CO/LCO、 UV/OV、TR、POWER METER、ACB、SC、APFR、 ATS、IPC(Other Specified Items / brands)

Main Brand
Exclusive agent:
LSis、Electronicon、SELCO、Klemsan、Neopis、WatchfulEYE、Yongsung、North Star、USM、GSM、SungHo.
3F.-2, No.130, Ln. 235, Baoqiao Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: +866-2-8912-1230     FAX: +866-2-8912-1238